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Kayaks and Canoes for Sale

An example of a Sit on Top Kayak sold on BoardMart. Free classified adverts for Kayaks and Canoes

If you’re looking to either BUY or SELL a Kayak or Canoe, Board Mart is the place to do it. It’s FREE and SIMPLE to get your equipment sold on Board Mart. This section is dedicated to Canoes and Kayaks. Anything directly related to Kayaking can be bought and sold here. This is a new venture – as such there might not be much listed – but PLEASE consider advertising your Canoe / Kayak equipment here. If you found this page – so are dozens of other people every day.

Different Types of Kayak and Canoe

This list provides an overview of the type and style of craft you might find here. We’ve used a similar structure in our FREE Classified Adverts. Select the category which is closest the vessel you are selling.

Open Canadian Canoe

Also known as a “canoe,” this traditional boat features an open hull design, typically with seats for multiple paddlers. Ideal for calm lakes, slow rivers, and leisurely family outings, open canoes offer stability and ample storage space.

Sit-On-Top Kayak

These kayaks have an open cockpit, making them user-friendly and suitable for beginners. Sit-on-top kayaks are great for recreational paddling, fishing, and warm-weather adventures. They are self-draining and provide easy re-entry if you capsize.

Sea Kayak

Designed for open water and coastal exploration, sea kayaks are longer and narrower than recreational kayaks. They offer superior tracking and efficiency, making long-distance journeys and rough waters manageable. Sea kayaks often have enclosed cockpits with spray skirts for protection from waves and weather.

Whitewater Kayak

Built for navigating fast-moving rivers and challenging rapids, whitewater kayaks are compact and highly maneuverable. They come in various styles, such as playboats for tricks and creek boats for steep descents. Whitewater kayakers require advanced skills for this thrilling sport.

Touring Kayak

Touring kayaks strike a balance between recreational and sea kayaks. They are designed for extended trips on lakes and rivers, offering good tracking and storage capacity. Touring kayaks come in various lengths and are suitable for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

Inflatable Kayak

These kayaks are portable and versatile, as they can be inflated and deflated for easy transport and storage. Inflatable kayaks are suitable for recreational paddling, but some models are designed for whitewater or sea kayaking. These kayak and canoe types cater to a range of preferences and skill levels, ensuring there’s a perfect vessel for every water adventure.

What’s the Difference between a Kayak and Canoe


  • Kayak: Kayaks are typically smaller, narrower, and have a closed cockpit where the paddler sits with their legs extended forward. Kayak seats are often low to the deck, and the paddler uses a double-bladed paddle.
  • Canoe: Canoes are generally larger and have an open hull design. Paddlers in a canoe typically kneel or sit on benches, and they use a single-bladed paddle.

Paddling Technique

  • Kayak: Kayakers use a double-bladed paddle, alternately paddling on each side. The symmetrical design of the kayak allows for efficient and straight-line tracking.
  • Canoe: Canoeists use a single-bladed paddle and employ a “J-stroke” or “C-stroke” technique to maintain a straight course. This technique involves a combination of forward and corrective strokes.


  • Kayak: Kayaks are versatile and are designed for a wide range of activities, including recreational paddling, sea kayaking, whitewater kayaking, and kayak fishing. Their closed design makes them suitable for rough waters and waves.
  • Canoe: Canoes are traditionally used for leisurely activities like flatwater paddling on lakes and slow-moving rivers, camping trips, and portaging. They are also popular for activities like canoe racing and expedition trips.

Seating Position

  • Kayak: Kayakers sit with their legs extended forward inside the enclosed cockpit, often using a spray skirt to seal off the cockpit from water.
  • Canoe: Canoeists may kneel on knee pads or sit on benches, providing a higher vantage point and more mobility within the open hull.

In summary, the main differences between kayaks and canoes lie in their design, paddling techniques, intended purposes, and seating positions. While both offer enjoyable ways to explore the water, the choice between a kayak and a canoe depends on your specific preferences and the type of paddling experience you seek.

Kayak Gallery

A selection of photos showing the fun that can be had in a kayak. These photos are of the website owner and his family Kayaking on holiday in Cornwall and also at home in Hunstanton.

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Kayaks and Canoes for Sale

If you have got a Kayak or Canoe you’d like to sell – please advertise it FREE on BoardMart. We will help sell your unwanted gear by sharing it on relevant social media pages. Remember – if you found this page, so will someone else looking to buy or sell a Kayak or Canoe.


Excellent condition 3yr old Canadian canoe

Excellent condition 3yr old Canadian canoe

Excellent condition stored at sailing club. Used about 15 times on lake. Two moulded seats rear and front middle seat doubles as storage/cooler. Comes with a set of canoe wheels. Two inflatable buoyancy bags that fit in rear and front. Selling due to son no longer able to use it due to disability. Depending on area can deliver for an extra fee.

Price: £999.00
Date posted - 15/05/2024
Armerlite Brooks 16

Armerlite Brooks 16

For Sale is my Armerlite Brooks 16 Canoe with Ash wood gunnels and trims its been fitted with a kneeling thwart and a sailing thwart it will come with a mast and downwind sail and custom made rudder (detachable) as well as buoyancy bags, buoyancy aids , Paddles and emergency throw bag this is sold in the UK as a Hou Brooks 16 made from armerlite composite material bare canoe sells for £3400 on their website i had this canoe imported from Germany I've had it from new since late summer 2016 its really not been used much at all…

Price: £2,200.00
Date posted - 02/05/2024
Beautiful wooden cedar Canadian type canoe 5.3m

Beautiful wooden cedar Canadian type canoe 5.3m

Much admired Canadian type open canoe, cedar wood construction. 5.3m long, 93 cm wide ( at widest point) Excellent condition. Not much used. Open to offers around £1000. Cost £1,400 new. Racked in Oxford.

Price: £999.00
Posted in - KAYAKS and CANOES
Date posted - 12/01/2024
Stroke2Max Ergo

Stroke2Max Ergo

Like new Stroke2Max Compact ergo for sale. It's an indoor kayak / canoe machine to train on when you can't get to the water. Easy to store (designed to be stored upside down so it doesn't take up much space) and warrantee still in place. Used it for training for a river kayaking race last year and it did the job brilliantly. Has an adjustable footrest, mobile phone case, balance seat, adjustable fan resistance. Really good for when you have an hour or less to train and can't get to the water.

Price: £1,150.00
Posted in - RACING (K1 K2 Sprint etc)
Greater London
Date posted - 31/03/2024

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